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Welcome to Carmena Enterprises Inc., the leading parent company overseeing a diverse range of subsidiary companies specializing in Real Estate, Management, Training, Development, Clean Energy, and Capital Services.

Services We Provide

Real Estate Development Solutions

We specialize in the meticulous planning, design, and construction of exceptional real estate developments that exceed expectations.

Real Estate Management Solutions

Our Real Estate Management service provides professional and efficient management of your properties, ensuring maximum returns and peace of mind.

Professional Training Solutions for All Industries

Our Training Solutions offer comprehensive and tailored programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of your workforce.

Clean Energy Solutions

We offer solar panel installation, battery storage solutions, energy audits, energy-efficient upgrades, EV charging station installation, and financing options for clean energy. Contact us to learn more.

Driving Success through Diverse Investments

Case Study: How our real estate management subsidiary company successfully increased property occupancy rates by 20% through targeted marketing strategies.

Driving Success through Diverse Investments

Discover how we transformed Stellar Shoes’ digital presence, overhauling their website and e-commerce platform, leading to a significant increase in site traffic and a 70% rise in online sales.

Driving Success: Real Estate Company Case Study

Case Study: How our parent company successfully managed multiple subsidiaries in real estate, training, development, and capital sectors, driving growth and profitability.

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